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1.What is JuiceLabs?

– We’re a startup accelerator in Cairo. We offer spectacular mentorship, six months of free office space, a bunch of killer perks, and $20,000 to great technology startups from or moving to Cairo.

– Being a post-incubator accelerator, there are fewer distractions, and startups can focus on the core technology problem that they’re solving. Rather than continuously worrying about how they can pay the bills to stay in business and keep going for another 5-6 months, startups can focus their creative thinking on market need.

2.Why did you start JuiceLabs?

– We believe that we can bring a substantial value to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt. Through our careful observations, we found out that most startups lack funding, technical & business hands-on training that will get them from the struggling state of launching an MVP, to the growth stage of getting the product/service up and running.

3.Who is behind the program?

We are a group of a very successful entrepreneurs and investor who truly enjoy helping startups take it to the next level. More about us

4.What sorts of startups JuiceLabs is interested in?

We invest in any business that is related to technology & the internet. More specifically, here are our top picked industries:

  • Software/Internet (social focus)
  • Software (mobile focus)
  • Software (eCommerce)
  • Software (AI)
  • Software (enterprise)
  • Software (desktop focus)
  • IT services
  • Creative / Design
  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Finance / Payment
  • Gaming

5.At which stage you invest in startups?

We invest at the MVP Development stage. In this stage, the startup team is formed and the pace of product development steps up. Development efforts should be focused on developing the minimum-viable-product (MVP) the startup wishes to launch.

6. What kind of support does JuiceLabs offer to the startups?

– A significant amount of seed funding.
– Technical and Design Support: we have an in-house team of gurus in online technology & design.
– Free Office Space: for all the program’s period.
– Tons of free & discount perks.
– Massive network: of investors, mentors, and advisors.

7. Can we apply with just an idea or should we already have a product built?

We are a startup accelerator, which means you have to have an early prototype that you’ve built and wanted to take to the next level. It’s OK if it’s still in very early stage. We would like to check it out and play around with it.

8. Do you fund companies who ware competitive to each other?

Not in the same class/program. But sometimes otherwise, yes.

9. Can anyone apply?

Yes. JuiceLabs is open to all entrepreneurs from Egypt. Your gender doesn’t matter. Where you are from doesn’t matter. All what matters is these two: the quality of your team and the business opportunity you are after.

10. Is it required that all founders quit their jobs to attend the program?

Yes, absolutely. All accepted team members must be working on their startup full-time during the entirety of the program and beyond. If you get accepted, we’ll be investing our hard earned money in you because we think you’ll succeed. We’re serious about your startup and we expect the same of you.


11. How many founders should be in the team?

Obviously, you can’t bet on a single horse race! So 3 to 4 members is ideal. If you are a single founder, go out and find some co-founders with corresponding skills & experience before applying.

12. What team backgrounds do you look for?

We prefer teams of diverse backgrounds, yet complementary to each other. Given that your business in technology, your team has to have at least 1 strong developer + 1 business person. Other good expertise to have is digital marketing, product management, UI/UX design, etc. Teams consists with all business people will not be considered. On the other hand, we will look at teams that are all technical. Your team must have the technical ability to actually build your product within the first 4 months program. If you’re planning on outsourcing the development of your product, we cannot consider your application.

13. What is JuiceLabs looking for in the teams that will apply?

We are looking for world-class, early stage entrepreneurs who want to start their business. It is crucial for us that the project is globally minded and easily scalable. We accept only projects that are already launched/incorporated, but these must be under one year old.

14. What are the selection criteria for the teams?

We are highly selective. We would like to see:

  • Passionate founders.
  • Great product idea.
  • Brilliant engineering.

We are focusing on Digital Landscape in general; particular emphasis on community driven initiatives, media, mobile gaming & e-commerce.
You need to have:

  • A very disruptive product or business idea.
  • A product in alpha, beta or launched it already.
  • Initial team in place (that is a team covering the core management roles).
  • Some customer/user validation from your first product.
  • Some funding.

15. What about if a startup has special goals, will JuiceLabs help?

If a startup has particular needs, we’ll do our best to bring together some experts in the field. Put it differently, it’s free consulting from top professionals in every field.