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We designed a comprehensive 6 month technical and business program, tailor-made for each team. We hand-pick a couple of teams per cycle to ensure they get our full attention. We host them at our cool space in Cairo and work on getting them up and running, ready to compete on a global stage and connect them with the necessary opportunities & funds to become sustainable.


We designed a comprehensive 6 month technical and business program, tailor-made for each team. We hand-pick a couple of teams per cycle to ensure they get our full attention.

JuiceLabs is a tech startup accelerator in Cairo, Egypt. Teams working on a startup can apply to join us for six months, during which we’ll tailor an intensive technical and business development program to fit your needs binary options platform, provide office space, access to experts and events of all sorts – with the right people involved – in order to build successful businesses that can take off regionally or globally.

Introduction 6 months

We believe that Egypt boasts some of the world’s best talent, however sometimes start-ups need contacts and opportunities outside our borders. Accordingly through our network of partners in Africa, Asia, Europe & North America we connect you to the right partner that Ripple will help your business take off!


Our management binany trade team’s keeping a close eye on you to make sure you’re on track, working in hand in hand with your team on your soon-to-change-the-world product to ensure top flight technical quality is married to a sound business model & operations.

The labs are at ThePlanet’s vibrant headquarters in Cairo. Each team gets its own room within the office. You’ll be plugged in & connected for a growth acceleration ride!

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ThePlanet location

The juice specialists

These are the people who know what they’re talking about.

Our family

Companies we are proudly invested in


Our mentors network is formed of top performers and connectors in the Silicon Valley and the MENA Region


Do I qualify? Do I qualify?

Ideas are 70 Piasters* a dozen – it’s all about having the right people. We’re looking for teams that already have something put together, even if it’s just a prototype. You and your team need to be fully dedicated to this, just like we’re serious about the time, money, and the special lemon lassi we will invest in you.
*based on the latest exchange rate


We’re not into one-man shows, and we’ll expect your team to have several different skill sets that compliment each other. After all, you’ll be building the product yourselves.

Program structure Program structure

Preparing the fruits

Teams will be exposed to various people with different opinions and backgrounds. We will then work on formulating the concept into a solid product with a viable business model in theory…


Formulate the juice

Once the general concept is solid, we then move on to building. This is where you throw the fruit together and make the magic happen. The goal, besides delicious juice, is to cook up alpha and beta versions for everyone to play around with and give feedback while fine tuning the business side of things.

Mini demo day

Showcase the juice! It might seem a little early, but that’s why it’ll be a small gathering of some opinionated people that know what they are talking about. We like to get their feedback in early in the cycle to leave room for pivots if needed.



This is where we work together to make sure the numbers are adding up. You’ll put on your shiny shoes and meet older people with money and overly confident grins, all interested in your product. Also a good chance to prepare for the final juice ceremony.


Take the recipe home

That’s right! Now you’ve got the juice AND the recipe, nothing can stop you! Its your time to shine, and build the scalable multi-million business!


This is it!

JuiceLabs blog

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